I think it's time to say goodbye

I'm surprised at how sad this makes me but I think it's time to say goodbye to BookLikes.  I've been trying to post a review here tonight but can't get anything to work.  Not a new story to any of you who have blogs here.  Since I review ARCs of new books for publishers, I can't refer them to my blog and then have them not even be able to bring up the page on their computer.  BookLikes gets better and faster for a short time and then just clogs up again.  Today has been excruciatingly slow.


So unless BookLikes becomes more consistent and usable, I'll just be using my blog at WordPress.  I'm still learning the ropes there but hope to make it work.  If anyone would like to follow me there, it would be most appreciated.




I also post reviews at the following if you'd like to follow me there:











The Reading Room/Bookstr



Fare thee well and I'll miss you.