The Second Mrs. Hockaday: A Novel - Susan Rivers

This haunting novel takes place during the Civil War. Placidia is only 17 years old when the older Major Gryffith Hockaday speaks to her father about the possibility of marrying her.  Major Hockaday’s wife has died and left him with a young son.  He and Placidia are married within days of meeting and are only married two days when Major Hockaday has to return to the war.  He leaves young Placidia to run their farm and to care for his young son.  When he returns from the war two years later, Placidia is accused of murdering the baby she bore out of wedlock.


This is a beautifully written book, told through letters and diary entries. The chapters are short and Ms. Rivers is quite good at giving just enough information in each chapter to keep you turning the pages.  It’s a compulsive read and a very intriguing one.  The love story is very touching.  This is a debut novel for Susan Rivers and I think she’s a talent to be reckoned with.  Recommended.


This book was won by me in a contest given by the publisher through LibraryThing with the implied understanding that I would give an honest review.