Kept me on my toes

The Wicked Go To Hell (Pushkin Vertigo) - Frédéric Dard, David Coward

This is a little gem of a book that was first published in France back in 1956. The author, Frederic Dard, published over 300 thrillers, suspense stories, plays and screenplays.  This book was first written by Dard as a play and then released in a film directed by Robert Hossein in 1955.   The book is a novelization of the film and has recently been translated to English with publication in the US.


The story involves two prisoners, Frank and Hal, sharing a cell. One of them is a spy and one of them is a police officer who has been told to help the spy escape prison, thereby earning his trust so he can learn more about the spy ring.  The reader has no idea who is the spy and who is the police officer.  It’s a short book and kept me guessing and I enjoyed it.  Nothing in depth here with not much fleshing out of the characters but rather a simple straightforward suspenseful story that kept my interest.


This book was given to me by the publisher through Edelweiss in return for an honest review.