Amor Towles has surpassed his debut novel with this one

A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel - Amor Towles

It’s 1922 and the Bolshevik Tribunal has sentenced Count Alexander Rostov to house arrest due to writing a revolt-encouraging poem.  He’s considered a hero to some or otherwise he would have been shot.  His current residence is the Metropol so there he’s sent to serve his sentence.  If he sets foot outside of the Metropol, he will be shot.  He’s taken from the beautiful suite he was living in and is put in a small attic room.  The hotel is a large one but as time goes on, the walls shrink in as Count Rostov longs to join the rest of the outside world.  Count Rostov has gone from being a privileged aristocrat to a “Former Person”.


This is an intelligently written book that manages to grab your heart as it teaches you about the Russian world and people.   The cast of colorful characters are all absolutely delightful.  There is much more humor in his newest effort than in his first book.  This is also a very personal insight into the horrors of Russian rule.  But the horrors don’t take center stage in Mr. Towles’ latest; rather the indomitable human spirit is in the spotlight and truly shines in this compelling book.  


Amor Towles has surpassed his debut novel with this one and I don’t say that lightly as I loved “Rules of Civility”. I long to see “A Gentleman in Moscow” made into a PBS series.  An uplifting, wise, completely charming novel and one of my personal favorites of 2016.  Highly recommended.


This book was given to me by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.