Sci-fi version of "It's a Wonderful Life"

Dark Matter: A Novel - Blake Crouch

Jason Dessen is a teacher with a wife, Daniella, and a teenage son, Charlie. Both Jason and Daniella have given up promising careers when their son was born with some medical problems.  While sometimes they regretted not having pursued their dreams, they were content with their lives.  Then Jason is abducted by a masked man and is knocked unconscious.  When he comes to, he’s no longer in a world that he recognizes.  His wife is not his wife nor does he have a son.  He’s told that he’s a renowned quantum physicist who discovered something incredible.  Should Jason believe that his memories of his life with Daniella and Charlie were real or is this his real life?


Most of us at one time or another have wondered what our life would be like if we had taken a different path. What would our life be like now?  Would we be happier?  These are the questions this book asks us to think about.  What I particularly liked about this book is that it isn’t just a science fiction novel and it isn’t just a love story and it isn’t just a suspense thriller, though it does a great job as being all of these.  It makes you think and it’s a bit of a wake-up call, much as “It’s a Wonderful Life” is.


I very much enjoyed this fast-paced novel though I was a bit surprised that the main mystery was disclosed so early in the book. That didn’t take away from the fun of finding out where all of this was leading and there certainly were some major surprises ahead.  Jason, Daniella and Charlie are very likeable characters.  Blake Crouch certainly knows how to write an addictive story and I recommend this fantastical journey to all.


This book was given to me by the publisher through Blogging for Books in return for an honest review.