Very moving debut

With Love from the Inside - Angela Pisel

This is the tragic story of a mother accused of killing her infant son, William, and the terrible cost of the accusation to her husband and daughter. Although she adamantly proclaimed her innocence, Grace was convicted of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome and after serving 17 years is now awaiting execution. She hasn’t seen her daughter Sophie for 11 years and longs to see her one last time.  Sophie has been living a life of lies due to her shame over her mother’s imprisonment.  There’s a clock ticking the days and hours away until Grace’s execution.  Is it too late for this mother and daughter to reunite and forgive?


There are stories within stories in this well plotted book. There’s the story of Grace and her connection with other women prisoners with each of their unique tales and the terror when the date of her execution is announced.  There’s the story of Sophie and the relationship with her husband that is marred by the lies she has hidden behind for so many years.  There’s a story of a little boy named Max who has severe medical problems and is abandoned by his mother but who has gained Sophie’s love. 


I think this is an excellent debut by this author and I’m interested in reading any future work by her. I cared very much for each of the characters and my heart was racing during the last few chapters as I waited, along with the characters, to learn whether the governor would grant Grace clemency.  The author has a very deep understanding of women in prison and did an excellent job of bringing out all of their humiliation, fears and hopes.  Recommended.


This book was given to me by the publisher through First to Read in return for an honest review.