Perfect title for the end of this series

End of Watch: A Novel - Stephen King

After two other books in this trilogy, the characters are old friends of mine. But if you haven’t met them before, you can still start your acquaintance with this book since Mr. King has kindly filled in previous happenings.  But it would probably be best if you started with the first of the trilogy, “Mr. Mercedes”, and then “Finders Keepers”.  In fact, just binge read all three to get the most enjoyment.


Bill Hodges and Holly Gibney are back in action as they once again try to stop the “Mercedes Killer”, who is driving people to suicide. That evil spark in Brady Hartsfield is still alive in that broken body that he now inhabits and many lives are at risk, including those of Bill and Holly, as well as their good friend Jerome and his sister Barbara.


I read a review of this book recently where the reviewer said that this was one of Mr. King’s softer books and I do agree with her. All of his books have heart as does this one.  But his earlier works were much more graphic and horrific than this series.  Yes, this book contains much violence but I feel he’s toned it down a bit.  But the heart is still there for the good guys in the world.   Thank you for another suspenseful journey, Mr. King!