Unique and poetic

Pond - Claire-Louise Bennett

This is a unique book basically consisting of a series of meditations by a woman who is living a fairly solitary life. She’s mostly alone but does have contact with some friends and even throws a party.  Her musings are sometimes humorous and sometimes sad.  Some of the chapters are very short, only a few sentences as she not only describes her days but thinks back on her past.


For those of you looking for a good plot, this wouldn’t be the book for you. To give you an idea, the first chapter is about what’s best to eat for breakfast and how to arrange fruit in a bowl to give a pleasing appearance.  What I admired about the book is the author’s very intimate portrayal of this woman and her daily life.  It’s pure poetry and I felt such a connection to this character.  Her solitary life has slowed her down to the point where she can appreciate the little things in life instead of, as most of the rest of us, rushing around missing so much.  Yet there was a sadness and loneliness in her that was very touching. 


There were a couple of chapters that seemed to be no more than incoherent ramblings or else I just didn’t understand what she was thinking. But all in all, I enjoyed this slow-moving, thoughtful book.  The book slowed me down, too, as I savored every word.  The author has treated her readers to an insight into this woman’s mind and heart and has painted an artistic portrait of a solitary woman in words alone.


This book was given to me by the publisher through First to Read in return for an honest review.