I want to believe

The Forgetting Time - Sharon Guskin

When it comes to reincarnation, I’m like Mulder in “The X-Files” – I want to believe. What a wonderful concept to think that we have another life ahead of us with a second chance to live a better life. 


Noah is a 4-year-old boy who lives with his single mom, Janie. She has always thought that he was precocious as he seemed to know about things he was never taught.  But his terror of bathing is getting worse as is his longing for his “other mother” and his desire to go home, even when he’s in his own bed with Janie beside him.  When the school gets involved, Janie knows that something more must be done to help her child.


Jerome Anderson is a psychology professor who has been diagnosed with aphasia and is gradually losing words and his understanding of language. He longs to have enough time to finish his work researching children who have memories of previous lives.  Noah may be the child whose memories can help Jerry finish his work.


This is a book for everyone, no matter what your beliefs may be regarding any type of afterlife. It’s beautifully written and will touch your heart in so many ways.  But be prepared to have your mind opened, if it isn’t already, to the possibility of lives other than the one you’re living at the moment.  This fictional novel is very believable and contains quotes telling of actual case histories of children with memories of previous lives from the book “Life Before Life” by Dr. Jim Tucker.


This is Sharon Guskin’s first novel and it’s obvious that she’ll have quite a career ahead of her. This book has so many layers to it.  It’s a thought-provoking study about reincarnation.  It’s a suspenseful murder mystery.  It’s a story about the strong bond between a mother and child.  It’s the story of a man losing both written and spoken language and facing the end of his life.  It’s about the connections that humans have to each other.


Highly recommended.