Dark hearts and souls

Redefining Darkness, Stories - Alaric Cabiling

This is a collection of very dark short stories. The stories are not black and white with neat endings but are rather mood pieces that create a sinister atmosphere.  The stories encompass humanity’s fragilities – greed, lust, envy – resulting in despair and sometimes murder.


I very much admired the author’s first collection of short stories, “Insanity by Increments”. However, his new collection didn’t make quite as much of an impact on me.  I had trouble connecting with some of the stories.  The men in those stories were so despicable that I didn’t really want to read more about them.


That being said, there are some gems in this book. The first in the series, “Day of Darkness”, had a shocking scene that I hadn’t anticipated and was quite a good study of a parish faced with scandal.  “Suicide Amidst Catharsis” is an engrossing character study of a young man contemplating suicide and the duty owed by authorities to those facing troubled times.  There are many twists and turns in “Failure’s Burden” about scheming businessmen.


I have read so many, many dark stories the past few years. Quite possibly I’m at a point where I need something a bit lighter and more uplifting.  These stories are very dark indeed. 


This book was given to me by the author in return for an honest review.