A fun read!

Casimir Bridge (Anghazi Series) (Volume 1) - Darren Beyer

This is not usually the type of book that I’m drawn to but it caught my attention.  For one thing, the author is a former NASA Space Shuttle engineer.  Plus I’ve always been fascinated with space travel. 


This book takes place about 100 years in the future and travel to planets many light years away is now a possibility.  A reporter, Mandi Nkosi, stumbles upon a conspiracy involving the government, terrorists and Applied Interstellar Corporation, which is a powerful science and technology company.  AIC is the discoverer of hyperium, which has greatly speeded up interplanetary travel.  The weird thing is that hyperium can only be found one place in the entire universe – Saturn’s moon of Hyperion. 


I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more about the finding of hyperiuim and thought there might be an alien twist involved.  And I got lost in some of the scientific explanations but then again I’m not normally a sci fi reader so those who are more used to this genre may be better able to follow that part.  But the book was a fun ride regardless.  I enjoyed reading this author’s perception of what our world will be like 100 years from now.  It’s quite a suspenseful book and has a couple of sub-plots involving Mandi’s mother and the loss of one of their scientists, Sophie, that make it even more enjoyable.  This is the first book in the Anghazi Series so there’s an open ending to it.   So if you enjoy this one, there’s a promise of more to come.


This book was given to me by Smith Publicity in return for an honest review.