I'm completely in awe of this author's talents

The Ecliptic - Benjamin Wood

This is one of those books where I have to marvel at the skill of the author. I’m completely in awe of Mr. Wood’s talent.  “The Ecliptic” is a literary masterpiece that I thoroughly enjoyed.


Most of this book takes place in an exclusive artist colony, Portmantle. Artists at this colony use assumed names.  They mostly are artists who have reached a point in their work where they’re having difficulty going forward.  They find rest and peace in this colony in an environment that hopefully will help them move on in their artist endeavors.  Elspeth Conroy, who is also known as Knell, is the main character.  She’s a Scottish painter and has been at Portmantle for 10 years.  She’s made close friends with playwright MacKinney, author Quickman and architect Pettifer.  Into their midst comes teenage Fullerton.  His introduction into the colony begins a mysterious descent into madness.


The book moves from the story taking place at the artist colony to fill us in on Knell’s previous life, her artist and emotional struggles and the reason why she came to Portmantle. Her story is a completely absorbing and heart wrenching one.  I grew to love Knell and will never forget her.  The book accelerates towards the end into quite an exciting thriller.   Not all readers will love the end of this book.  I myself don’t usually like this type of ending but it’s done so well that I can’t find it in my heart to take off any points from my rating as I don’t see where it harms the book as a whole.  In fact, it brings all of the mysterious parts of the book to a complete understanding.


Beautifully written and most highly recommended.


This book was given to me by the publisher through Edelweiss in return for an honest review.