A young man's search for enlightenment

The Yoga of Max's Discontent - Karan Bajaj

Max Pzoras is a young man living the American dream but after his mother’s death, he becomes disillusioned with life. He meets an Indian man working at a food cart.  It’s bitter cold and the man isn’t even wearing a shirt and is barefoot.  Max offers the man his coat but the man says he’s not cold.  He then tells Max about the yogis at the top of the Himalayan Mountains who can walk on water and live to be hundreds of years old.  This sparks an interest in Max that leads him to India in search of his own enlightenment.


This book is a No. 1 bestseller in India. It reads as a memoir and is so realistic that it’s hard to remember that it’s fictional.  Actually, some of this novel is based on the author’s real-life experiences.  The author is extremely talented and you’ll not only read about Max’s journey but you’ll be with him as he hikes up the Himalayan Mountains in the winter, you’ll smell the smells and hear the sounds of the night market, you’ll suffer with Max in his cave.  Your feet will ache with the cold as Max walks barefoot on ice, you’ll feel his hunger as he fasts, you’ll feel the heat of the Indian sun burning his head.


Not many books have touched my heart and soul like this one has. Reading it was such a beautiful experience.  I didn’t just read it, I lived every moment of it with Max.  Take this spiritual journey with Max so you can see for yourself the many wonders of the spiritual world.  It’s much too deep a book to give it justice in a review.


Highly recommended.


This book was given to me by the publisher through First to Read in return for an honest review.