Love in New Eden

The Remnants - Robert Hill

When I first starting reading it, I thought I was going to like it. It was very humorous and quirky.  However, I soon began to tire of the story and stopped enjoying it.  It isn’t what I expected at all from reading about it online before picking it up.  I may just have been the wrong type of reader for this book. 


The theme of inbreeding runs throughout the book. In the very small town of New Eden, the residents have few choices among partners so look to cousins and sometimes even closer family members for sex and love.  Each chapter is basically a short story on a particular character, all blended in together to create this novel.  It’s written in almost a biblical manner – so and so begat so and so and how the attraction between the lovers begins and progresses.  There were chapters in this book that were quite good and then there were chapters that I truly couldn’t follow and struggled through.


I’m giving the book 3 stars because of a few very memorable characters that I did enjoy reading about. There are some well-written literary gems in this book and I did care about some of the characters.  But as a whole, it was a little too offbeat for me.


This book was given to me by the publisher through Edelweiss.