I expected more

The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey

I hadn’t read a lot about the book before picking it up other than it was a science fiction novel that would appeal to those who don’t normally read science fiction. I’m not sure that’s the case.  I did enjoy the beginning of the book when Mrs. Justineau was teaching Melanie and the other students.  I found the moral conflict that Mrs. Justineau was undergoing and her opposition to Dr. Caldwell’s work to be a very interesting one.  After the classroom scenario, the book became more of a zombie thriller (here they’re called the Hungries).  It’s quite a long book and I began to find the zombie chases to be tedious.


I may have been a bit too far away from my usual genres with this one. Plus I was listening to it on audiobook and am not used to that.  There were quite a few suspenseful moments and the ending absolutely gave me chills.  But all in all, I can just say that it was okay and not too special for me.