Book giveaway contest and review of powerful memoir

A Family Apart - Sleuthing the Mysteries of Abandonment, Adoption and DNA - Craig A. Steffen

Enter here for a chance to win a copy of this powerful memoir of a man searching for the details of his abandonment by his biological family. Just post a comment below and a winner will be randomly picked on Monday, February 1, 2016.  US residents only, please, as requested by the publicist.  Good luck!


This is a compelling and down-to-earth story of a man who had been abandoned, along with his older sister and brother, by his family at the tender age of 2 years and his search for the truth of his beginnings.  His mother stole the family car and disappeared.  His overwhelmed father took the three children to an orphanage.  The author and his sister were adopted by the Steffens, but his brother was left behind.


The author’s telling of his journey of discovery is a fascinating one.  You’ll read about his life as a child growing up in his adopted home with his strict, unemotional parents.  His solving of his mother’s mysterious disappearance reads like a true crime novel.  And his search and use of DNA testing to find his biological father is nothing short of a miracle.  The author has given us a unique look at what living with a family other than your own is like and all the little – and big – things missing from that life that others take for granted.


I was given a copy of this book by the publicist in return for an honest review.


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