The Song of Hartgrove Hall: A Novel - Natasha Solomons

This is a profoundly moving, beautifully written book that captured my heart immediately. I used to read a lot of books about old English mansions and the families living in them with all their secrets.  I’ve gotten away from them as they seemed to become too predictable to me.  This one was a pure delight and one day I’d like to read it again just so I can once again return to Hartgrove Hall.


This book soars with music throughout – the music of voices, the music of instruments, the music of bird song, the music of the trees and the very ground of Hartgrove Hill. The passion of the music in this book will take your breath away.  The story is a simple one.  Harry (Little Fox) desires to compose a symphony when he’s called upon by his two brothers, Jack and George, to stay at Hartgrove Hall and help them save the crumbling family property.  He’s in love with Jack’s girl, Edie, which complicates matters.  The book fluctuates between that period of time in their lives and fifty years later when Harry is grieving for his deceased wife.  The only thing that helps him through this heartbreaking time is his grandson, Robin, a difficult child of 4 with a very special gift.


The author has crafted a literary work of art and music that will long stay a part of my heart. The characters, their humor and drama were all marvelous.  Harry is a song collector and travels throughout the area trying to find old folk songs that he writes down in a book.  I loved walking the hills of Dorset, England with him as he searches for songs.  “The Song of Hartgrove Hall” is titled “The Song Collector” in England.


I’m trying to think if there is anything negative about the book but I can’t think of a thing. To me, it was perfection from the first page to the last.  Highly recommended.


I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.