More than just a survival story

Breaking Wild - Diane Les Becquets

This is a story of two very different women with very strong characters.   During the last weekend of hunting season, Amy Raye has decided to go on her own to bring down an elk.  When she doesn’t return, ranger Pru and her dog try to find her.  Simple story and yet this author has created quite an engrossing, suspenseful tale that rings true.


The book alternates between the stories of Amy Raye and Pru, along with each of their back stories. At first I was really annoyed with Amy Raye, going off on her own and not only risking her life but those of her rescuers.  Plus I’m not fond of reading about hunters tracking down such magnificent creatures as elk so I couldn’t find much sympathy for Amy Raye when things started going wrong for her.  But the author paints this character’s history in such a light that you have to begin to care about her the more you learn of her past.  As for ranger Pru, she’s such a likeable character that I do hope the author will continue to write more books involving her and her dog.


The suspense builds nicely in the book and peaks at the end. The wilderness is described beautifully.  Plus this author knows how to bring characters to life and how to delve deeply into their souls.  The book would have received a higher rating from me except for the moments in the book when I cringed reading about the hunting.  I’m one who always wants the hunter to miss.  But if hunting doesn’t bother you, you should very much enjoy this deeper-than-most adventure story.


This book was given to me by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.