Very spooky!

Mrs. Zant and the Ghost - Wilkie Collins, Gillian Anderson

Thanks to Lora’s Rants and Reviews re-blogging of the post by nospin, I downloaded this free Audible book. I knew it would be a winner when I saw that it was Gillian Anderson who narrates the story by Wilkie Collins and I wasn’t disappointed.  I’ve always been a fan of Gillian Anderson’s acting talent.  She does such an excellent job with this short story, instilling just the right amount of spookiness in her voice(s).  As much as I love to read, I do think that reading this book myself wouldn’t have had as much of an impact as listening to Ms. Anderson tell the story.


Is the intriguing woman Mr. Rayburn and his little daughter come across in the park a mad woman or is she ill or is something else altogether happening? Her unusual demeanor frightens Lucy, but the woman’s sweetness later wins the little girl over.  Her effect on Mr. Rayburn is definitely a positive one and he wishes to help her.  The story Mrs. Zant tells is a most unique one.  This short story is superbly written by Wilkie Collins and wonderfully acted out by Ms. Anderson.  If this audiobook version doesn’t give you chills, not much else out there will!