A stunning literary accomplishment

The Children's Home: A Novel - Charles Lambert

This little book has completely blown me away. It’s a stunning accomplishment by its author.  I had chills running up and down my spine the whole time I was reading it.  What a magical web it weaves around your heart and mind.  There’s nothing to compare this book to. It’s a gruesome fairy tale, but it’s also a heartwarming novel of forgiveness.  It’s a horror story with some truly horrendous scenes but it’s also a book about the beauty of mankind. 


The story centers on Morgan Fletcher, a disfigured recluse hiding away in his family’s mansion. One by one, young children start to show up at his door and he takes each of them in and he, his housekeeper Engel and his friend Dr. Crane, take care of and protect these children.  The children know more than they should about Morgan and his life and Morgan detects a vivid strangeness about them.  Where did these children come from and what do they want from Morgan?  I’ll leave it up to the very competent author to tell you the story from there.


This is an amazingly unique book, which I highly recommend. Just try to put it down once you start it and then try to get it out of your mind once you finish it.  A one of a kind literary achievement.


This book was given to me by the publisher through Edelweiss and NetGalley in return for an honest review.