Original look at the theories of space and time

Eleanor: A Novel - Jason Gurley

Identical twins, Eleanor and Esmerelda, are torn apart, one taken from the world we know and one left to pick up the pieces. Their family is torn apart with grief.  But that grief may have started in their family long before this tragedy.  This is a deep look at the healing of a damaged family in what has to be one of the most unique ways I’ve ever read.  It will open your eyes to the possibility of realities other than we are aware of.


This is a fantasy with quite a unique take on the theories of space and time, as well as a literary novel about the effects of tragedy on those left behind. The book is very readable and is easy to follow.  The author has a very natural way of writing and the book just flows along.  Parts of this book are profoundly beautiful, especially the dream scenes, and the author has a truly wonderful imagination.  I cared about the characters and felt part of their lives.  Very entertaining story.  Fans of Neil Gaimon will gobble this book right up.


I won this book on LibraryThing and have given an honest review.