The author knows how to create an eerie atmosphere

A Whisper of Leaves - Ashley Capes

I enjoyed this spooky novella and found it quite suspenseful and fast paced.  The main character is Riko, who is undergoing some difficult times when she finds a journal half buried in the woods.  Strange things start happening that cause Rico and her friends to doubt her sanity.  Her struggle to determine whether the events are all in her head or whether something else is happening makes this book an interesting one.


I enjoyed the fact that this book takes place in Japan, with all of its mysticism and unique beliefs.  It made this book feel like a Japanese folk tale and helped create the otherworldly atmosphere.  There were scenes that gave me chills and I found the book to be quite different and unpredictable.  I did find one part a bit unrealistic and I don’t believe Riko would have made the major decision that she did.  But then again, it’s a paranormal ghost story so pretty much anything goes.


The author has created an unusual ghost story that will keep your interest.  I very much enjoyed this author's "The Fairy Wren" and thought he would write a good ghost story and he has!


This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.