A very unique reading experience

The Vegetarian: A Novel - Han Kang

You don’t just read this book – you experience it. And I think many will experience it in different ways. It’s a terribly tragic story of madness, with violent dreams and obsessions.


The story is told in three parts. The first part is narrated by Yeong-hye’s husband and tells of Yeong-hye’s decision to become a vegetarian and the mind-shattering dream that brought about this decision.  This section covers her family’s reaction to her decision and is completely fascinating.  The second part centers of Yeong-hye’s brother-in-law’s sexual obsession with her and his desire to incorporate her physically into his art.  It’s a very sensual, shocking and frightening section of the book.  The third part is told by Yeong-hye’s sister as she struggles to help Yeong-hye and to understand why Yeong-hye’s condition has worsened so drastically.  This is a devastating, heart-breaking part of the book.


This book is well-deserving of any awards that are sure to come its way. It’s gorgeously written, compelling and powerful and not one that I will ever forget.  Read it and be pulled into its spell.


I won this book in a LibraryThing giveaway.