Futuristic race

Saturn Run - Ctein, John Sandford

This fast-moving book is about a race between the US and China for alien technology left on Saturn that will give a huge advantage to the winner. The author certainly kept me gripped in his suspenseful story.


The story begins in 2066 when what is believed to be an alien spaceship is spotted approaching Saturn. That begins the race. And it's an exciting one. Sometimes sci-fi books get too heavy on the science for me and I start to skim but this one gave a clear understanding of what was happening. Sandford used an on-board space reporter sending back reports to Earth to tone down and simplify the scientific end. And his collaborating with Ctein, a photo artist and physicist, makes the scientific end very believable and realistic.


This is the first John Sandford book that I've read. He definitely knows how to keep a story moving and has a sharp wit that I enjoyed. While there were some references to space rights and laws, there wasn't much introspection as to the morals of mankind in their quest for technological advancement in outer space. It would have been nice to see the countries working together as a species (we really didn't appear in a very good light as the alien robots had a much better attitude towards other species that we did) but I wasn't really expecting that in a thriller.


A fun book that delivered what I was looking for when I picked it up - pure escapism.


This book was given to me by the publisher through First to Read in return for an honest review.