Fun short story

Drunken Fireworks - Stephen King, Tim Sample

I haven't listened to an audio book in many years but when a new Stephen King book is released on audio only, how could I resist? Apparently, it's going to be included in an upcoming book of short stories but I wasn't waiting!


It's a short listen, only an hour and 20 minutes. It's basically about neighbors on opposite sides of a lake competing as to who has the best fireworks. Don't expect any scares in it and the end is easy to see coming, but it's very humorous and I had many a chuckle throughout it. I do think King was a bit heavy handed with the rough language or maybe it was just hearing it rather than reading it that turned me off a bit. But it did fit in with the main character who was telling the story. Tim Sample does a great job with the reading and I'm glad I had the chance to hear him tell this amusing tale.. His reading added so much to the atmosphere of this book.


Quite a fun, entertaining read. Now hungering for the rest of the stories!