"New" book release by Ayn Rand

Ideal - Ayn Rand

I couldn't be more excited.  I just learned that there will be a release of a book by Ayn Rand that never was published before - "Ideal" - on 7/7/2015.  Apparently, she wrote this book in 1934 but wasn't happy with it and put it aside.  She then turned it into a play that had its premiere in New York in 2010.  Now they're releasing both the novel and the play in one book.


"Ideal" is about an actress accused of murder who asks her six biggest fans for their help.


I was a huge fan of Ayn Rand's back in the day, although I can't say I always agreed with her philosophy.  "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged" were books that I loved and have never forgotten.


How did I not know about this until a few days before its release?  This is as huge as Harper Lee's "new" novel and that I've certainly heard a lot about that.