A Slant of Light - Jeffrey Lent

I absolutely loved this book and now have all of the previous books by Jeffrey Lent on my must-read list.  This one is not a light read and it’s not a fast read but it is definitely an absorbing read.  The author has a deep understanding of the human heart and knows how to portray that understanding with words.  He’s created a literary work of art with this book.


Malcolm Hopeton is a soldier in the Civil War who spends four years fighting what he perceives to be the evil that has pervaded the United States, only to find evil on his own doorstep when he returns home.    His story is the prevailing one; however, many of the characters have their own compelling stories to tell.   I won’t go into any of those stories as I believe the author has done a perfect job of bringing to light each of their lives and backgrounds in a slow, sure way.


The author is a master at depicting the time period and the hardness of farm life.  He has the heart of a poet and when he describes a picnic in a meadow, you’re there with them, smelling the flowers, feeling the warm wind on your face, tasting the food.  Even the eating of a peach becomes a sensuous experience.  This is a passionate, powerful book.  Some people won’t like the ending and will feel like they’ve been left hanging but I believe enough was told towards the end of the book that you know how it will all turn out without being specifically told.


One of the best books I’ve read this year and well deserving of any prizes that are ahead for it.


I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.