A lovely book

Another Sunset - Jason Zandri

This book started off a bit slow and I had some difficulty with the dialogue as it seemed a little stilted.  But once I became used to the author’s writing style, the book started to flow along.  A few times, some of the words used struck me as inappropriate for the characters.  As another reviewer mentioned, a nice person usually doesn’t “smirk”.  That’s a smug word and just didn’t fit with the characters at all yet was used quite a few times.  Possibly the area this author is from uses the word differently than I’ve usually seen.


Those are all minor quirks, though, as the story is a lovely one.  A drifter comes to town and touches the lives of all the people of this small town.  The characters are engaging, likeable and real.  The mystery surrounding the stranger will keep you turning the pages.  There’s also a gentle, honest love story which is beautifully and decently portrayed.  It’s a heart-warming book and as I read it, I often wished I could find such a small town with such welcoming people.  The story of this kind man who tried to make the world a better place throughout his travels is uplifting and inspiring.  It's a simple story that will touch your heart.  We all can take the lessons it imparts and try to apply them to our own daily lives. 


I won this book in a giveaway.