A disturbing book that needed to be told

The Wisdom of Perversity - Rafael Yglesias

This is a bold book about child molestation that doesn’t sugar coat anything.  Its stark truth can be hard to read.  There are some terribly disturbing scenes.  At first I thought the book was too explicit and that such detailed scenes were voyeuristic, but in reading online articles by the author, I understand his intent better.  He is trying to put a spotlight on how these children are gradually seduced by their molesters, what constitutes child sexual abuse, the confusion, shame and guilt of these young victims and the long-term effects of the abuse on their lives. 


Rafael Yglesias has been outspoken about his own abuse at age 8 and it would seem that some of this book is autobiographical.  There is no doubt that a screenwriter in this book is Roman Polanski, whom the author worked with on “Death and the Maiden”.  The question arises as to whether any of the other characters are real people.  But whether they are or not isn’t integral to the power of the story.


The explicitness of the abuse scenes will cause you to live inside these children and suffer each moment of their indignity along with them.  While so many traumatized children such as these never speak of the crime perpetrated upon them, this book gives those children a voice so their story can be heard.


I won this book in a giveaway with the understanding that an honest review would be given.