A unique take on an age-old question

The Prediction - Darren Sugrue

Would you want to know the date of your death? Would you do things differently if you did?


We all know that our life is not infinite and yet sometimes in our day-to-day lives, we tend to forget that. Darren Sugrue has written a mystery/thriller based around that concept. While it's certainly an excellently written, suspenseful, engrossing, just-try-to-put-it-down thriller with a completely unpredictable ending, it's even more than that. It touches on the heart break of losing a child, the pain of lost loves and lost dreams and the fears of a domestic violence victim. While your heart is racing from the suspense the book generates, it will also be touched by the emotional impact created. It's the type of book that the longer you think about it after you've finished reading it, the more you appreciate it. What a delight this book will be for book clubs to discuss!


Brilliantly constructed debut from an author I hope to read more of.


I won this book from BookLikes.