Oh, the books I could have been reading instead!

By David Mitchell The Bone Clocks: A Novel - David Mitchell

As all book lovers know, there are far too many books to read and far too little time to read them.  The choice of which, oh which, book should I read next is an important one.  I don't want to devote hours to a book that doesn't leave me feeling that I've spent my time well.  Do I ever take chances on books?  Sure I do.  I sometimes pick a self-published book by an unknown author with no reviews that I find intriguing.  I've found quite a few fledgling authors this year that I've really enjoyed.  Sometimes I'm on the fence about which book to read and put it off for months before finally taking the plunge.  But "The Bone Clocks"?  It made it onto the Man Booker Prize long list.  One of my favorite authors, Stephen King, said it was one of the best novels of 2014.  The author has a huge fan following and had such glowing reviews on many respected magazines and newspapers.  Did I think I was taking a chance with this book?  Not at all!  This one was sure to please!


But did it?  There were far too many times in this book when I felt like giving it up but oh, no, I had to plow ahead because the book wouldn't have received such recognition if it were lacking in literary merit.  And yes, there were characters that I liked and cared about and there were parts of the book that I found very enjoyable and struck an emotional chord.  The author has a great imagination and is very creative.  But there were also parts of this book that were pure drudgery and I just wanted to get through it.  I certainly understood the book and could follow the plot.  But one particularly long drawn-out section seemed never ending.  So I would give parts of the book 5 stars and parts of the book 1 star and therefore will compromise with a 3-star rating for the overall book. 


I've read that "The Bone Clocks" isn't Mr. Mitchell's best and you should start with another one of his first.  Well, I didn't, I started with this one.  And will I give his other works a chance one day?  Possibly my curiosity will get the better of me and I'll want to read another.  But I won't be running to find another one any time too soon.