Unique literary work

By Daniel Clausen The Ghosts of Nagasaki [Paperback] - Daniel Clausen

What a magical, mystical journey this book takes the reader on!  As others have said, this book's not for everyone and is not a light, easy read.  I at first thought it wasn't a very long book but it ended up taking me longer than usual to read because I had to stop, think, look back, read a paragraph or two again to appreciate what it was saying.  Daniel Clausen was kind enough to send me a copy of his book for a review after reading the books I had listed on my reading list on Goodreads as he thought his book would be something I would like.  He definitely knows how to pick his readers.  I very seldom buy books, depending on the library due to my greediness for reading, but now I have "The Ghosts of Nagasaki" in my home to pick up again and savor the story all over again.  I know each reading will disclose thoughts that I missed the first time around.


This book allows you to suspend all disbelief and to open up your mind to all possibilities.  You'll meet a vast assortment of characters, many ghosts, an apostate, a samurai, even a dragon.  The only character I found unbelievable was the doctor who didn't want to be paid for his services.  Just kidding - he was believable, too.  There's even a mysterious island. 


This book is so unusual and nothing like you've read before.  Keep reading and you'll be drawn into this young man's life and his friends will become yours and you'll truly care about what happens to them.  I had emotional tears in my eyes during the last two chapters and these characters and this story will remain with me for a long time to come.  Thank you, Daniel, for giving me this chance to read your marvelous book.