You'll see the world differently!

Hand in Paw: A Journey of Trust and Discovery - Nancy S. Schluntz

It was quite a journey into the world of animal communication that Rev. Nancy took and I'm so glad she chose to share that journey with the rest of the world.  She has a wonderful way of writing, pulling you into her life as if you were sitting next to her as she told her story, sipping a cup of tea and petting her kitty Tyson.


I've always believed that animals have a much clearer understanding of life than humans do.  I'm sure they must have great wisdom to share with the world.  It was fascinating to read of how Rev. Nancy became an animal communicator and all of her struggles and triumphs.  No matter what your belief is with respect to animal communication, I think you will still find truths in this book that will open your mind to the world around you and help you to see it in a much different way.  There are such beautiful poignant stories throughout the book that are truly delightful.  This is a book that I will treasure always and I know that I'll pick it up again to seek the peace that I found in its pages.


I won this book on a First Reads Giveaway on Goodreads.