Station Eleven: A novel

Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel I just finished "Station Eleven" and I'm sitting here wondering why I didn't love it as so many others did. Maybe because I picked it up with too high an expectation?

There were definitely parts that were interesting. And I liked the way the author tied all the strands of the story together, especially the giving of the comic books to two young children and the way they each took such different paths in their lives. It was frightening how quickly civilization ended. Though I can't imagine that was really very plausible. The way she depicted the beginning of the end was realistic but it's hard to understand why they were still living the way they were 20 years after. Why was so much lost?

If this author were to write a sequel to the story, it wouldn't be on my to-read list. I wouldn't be surprised to see this made into a movie or a TV show, one that I would have no desire to see - it had that feel about it.