American Gods

American Gods - Neil Gaiman This one's a true winner. What an epic, glorious, wonderful trip through the world of the gods, both past and new. This is the type of book that you can read over and over again, each time realizing different aspects contained within the main story. I've read other reviews saying this is a great light read. Yes, the book can be read in a light way, just for the fun story. But it's also a very deep book indeed. A book club I belong to here on Goodreads,, will be talking about "American Gods" in February and I'm very much looking forward to discussing it there. I'm sure they will be seeing things in the book that I missed and I have a feeling I may just have to read the book all over again once our discussion is over, just to pick up on everything that our discussion reveals.

This is a quote from Neil Gaiman of what he wanted to accomplish when he started "American Gods" - and he accomplished his goals completely: "It would be a thriller, and a murder mystery, and a romance, and a road trip. It would be about the immigrant experience, about what people believed in when they came to America, and about what happened to the things that they believed."