The Devils That Have Come to Stay

The Devils That Have Come to Stay - Pamela DiFrancesco I finished this one in a day. Interesting, strange and very dark tale of a man on his journey to his wife who is staying with her ill mother. The story is interspersed with letters from his wife telling of her family's growing difficulties. During the man's journey through land being plundered for gold, he encounters one horrific incident after another, in almost a horror book manner. Throughout the book, like the nuggets of gold being found by the miners, there are nuggets of truth to be found about man's disregard for the earth and each other and the lust for things that can become destroying burdens.

While this book wasn't exactly my cup of tea, being much too graphic and dark for my liking, thus my rating of only 3 stars, I do think it would make an interesting book to discuss in a book club, as there are many riches lying underneath the main story to ponder.